Neighborhood Pictures

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White Christmas at the Bluffs!

Here’s Christmas at the Bluffs, where we always guarantee a White Christmas! (more or less)

Pictured here are some Chapmans, Sartors, Absaloms and others!

How much fun is this!





Here are some of the Bluffs Princesses that came out for our 09 Halloween bash in the Cul-de-sac.  It was great fun and we all trooped around the neighborhood trick-or-treating together. Kids had fun, parents had fun – what a great neigborhood!




Halloween Fun


OK – we get it, Karen’s a witch right? So the others came dressed as “NEIGHBORS!” right?






The real question here isn’t “Who’s that Masked Man?” but rather what is Thing 1 up to there in the background?  Hey – why didn’t the leopard lady dress up more like Catwoman? That woulda’ been a good idea!

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