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New Contact Information for HOA Board Members:

(we are always looking for neighbors to assist us in serving the neighborhood on the Board, please let us know if you have interest)

Please notice the new page on the right labeled “HOA Board Info” where you will find a listing of each of the Board Members, what committee they serve on and how to contact them.-Items you need to contact the Board about:*Room Additions*Pool Installations*Fence Installation Approvals*Constructing/Attaching/Placing large items onto your home and/or on your property*Complaints/Concerns/Questions/Ideas/Suggestions about the BluffsPlease Note: Our covenants/bylaws address a lot of areas you may not have noticed or remember such as Trailers, Storage Sheds, Carports, Basketball Goals, Landscaping Minimums on New Homes, Fencing Rules, RV’s, Garages and many other things. It’s always prudent to check with the Board to ask any questions about home improvements that can impact the look and feel of the neighborhood since we stay pretty familiar with the Covenants. Every home owner received a copy when they purchased their home and we’re more than happy to help explain or interpret the Covenants if anything is unclear. We are here to help. If you have any questions in regrads to the architectural bilaws please contact:

Ian Whitcomb


Mike Carey


Just to add this on the front page, I wanted to include an excerpt from the Covenants in regards to always submitting your home projects to the Architectural Board Members so you can get approval ahead of time – we try to be very responsive and helpful. Please read the Covenants yourself to make sure you understand what is expected and keep in mind, we didn’t write the coveants, we just try to help neighbors understand them. Also, keep in mind, if you want to do something that is outside of the covenants, it’s always OK to ask – just make sure to include good explanation and documentation if you feel there is a justifiable need for a Variance to be granted.

9.05 Architectural Approval.

To preserve the architectural and aesthetic appearance of the Development, no construction of improvements of any nature whatsoever shall be commenced

or maintained by any Owner other than Declarant, with respect to the construction of the exterior of any Dwelling or with respect to any other portion of the Development, including, without

limitation, the construction or installation of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, mail boxes, decks, patios, courtyards, swimming pools, tennis courts, greenhouses, playhouses, awnings, walls, fences,

exterior lights, garages, guest or servants quarters, or other outbuildings, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration therein be made, unless and until three (3) copies of the plans and

specifications and related data shall have been submitted to and approved in writing, as to: (i) the harmony of external design; (ii) location; (iii) quality of design, workmanship and materials; (iv)

appearance in relation to surrounding structures and topography; and (v) architectural uniformity with surrounding structures including the Dwelling, by the Committee. The Committee shall have

the sole discretion to determine whether plans and specifications submitted for approval are acceptable to the Association.

Soccer Field Schedule:
To schedule practice time on our field you must have at least team member that lives in the neighborhood and it is on a first come first serve basis.
Contact Laura Norton to schedule Jernorton@gmail.com  918-850-9347

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